Fermentation lives here.

Farm Ferments supports regional farms through its Hawthorne Valley, Poor Devil Pepper Co., and Sauerkraut Seth organic brands. Our focus on wild fermentation and living products is rooted in sustainable agriculture, bringing fermented foods and raw, probiotic goodness to the masses.


We believe the best food is made with care using the best ingredients through traditional fermenting processes developed over the ages. Wild fermentation allows the naturally occurring bacteria in vegetables to create nutrient rich ferments. We are fascinated by this ancient technique and are always looking to create new and innovative ways to apply it to our modern diet.


Flavorful and spicy fermented hot sauces. Raw • Live • Probiotic

Sauerkraut, kimchi and kraut juices. Unconventional by Nature.

Sauerkraut, kim chee & sour pickles. Ancient food for the future.


Support of organic regenerative agriculture, workers rights, and fair treatment of farmers is at the heart of our work. We are fortunate to work with many talented producers in our region.


Ian Martin


Jared Schwartz


Irene Holsapple

Office Manager

Peter McPartland

Packing Manager

Paul Boothroyd

Production Manager

Nathan Hatch

Warehouse Manager


  • Got too much organic cabbage or need some fermentation tips? We're here to help! Whether you are a farmer whose mission aligns with ours, a store that's looking to add more ferments or if you're interested in working to grow fermentation in the Hudson Valley, contact us!

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