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Farm Ferments was established in 2017 as a mission-based Fermentation Facility. We are a modern fermentation and packing facility staffing a 15 person team that is pioneering fermented vegetable production at scale in service of the farmers, eaters, and soil of the Hudson Valley and beyond. Farm Ferments pursues true partnership, valuing collaboration and respect. We value success holistically in our project across several parameters including: regenerative land management; a viable, financially sustainable business; and the degree to which our work is catalytic and transformative.


We believe the best food is made with a touch of wild energy and organic ingredients from our friends and neighbors. We use wild fermentation and naturally occurring bacteria to capture the freshness of local produce and create nutrient rich, raw, probiotic vegetables, sauces, and beverages.

We are fascinated by the ancient wisdom of fermentation. We strive to create and innovate new ways to incorporate live foods into our modern diet, bringing raw, probiotic, fermented foods to the people.


Support of organic regenerative agriculture, workers rights, and fair treatment of farmers is at the heart of our work. We are fortunate to work with many talented producers in our region.


Ian Martin


Jared Schwartz

Director of Operations & Innovation

Irene Holsapple

Finance & Administration Manager

Peter McPartland

Plant Manager & Director of Engineering

Daniel Siordia

Logistics & Engineering  Manager

Scott Grzybek

Regional Sales Manager

Gelisa Feliciano

Customer Care & Quality Manager


  • Got too much organic cabbage or need some fermentation tips? We're here to help! Whether you are a farmer whose mission aligns with ours, a store that's looking to add more ferments or if you're interested in working to grow fermentation in the Hudson Valley, contact us!

Address & Phone:

124 2nd Street Ext. Hudson NY 12534

(518) 636-4226

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